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About Me:
Blog for [ profile] opensummer on ao3. She/they. I'm ace, pan, and prefer queer as a universal descriptor. Well over 18. Moved from [ profile] openemptysummer on tumblr to dreamwidth with the latest purge news. It's nice to go back to my lj roots, though I will absolutely miss the tag novel. I like squeeing about all sorts of things and writing.

I'm team cockroach, actually ADHD, lowkey autistic, highkey le tired, and young enough to still want to do something about it. I've been lurking on the edges of fandom for a decade now and that's the way I like it. 

If I'm online, I usually have discord running in the background. You're more than welcome to stop by and say hello.

My Fandoms Include:
Agents of SHIELD, Avatar the Last Airbender, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Castlevania, DC comics, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, Hilda, Hunger Games, Killjoys, MCU, Marvel comics, Mass Effect, Miraculous Ladybug, Pacific Rim, She-ra, Supergirl, SyFy Alice, The 100, The Expanse, The Librarians, The Vampire Diaries, Wonder Woman, Zombies, Run!, and many more.

I'm currently writing mostly for Supergirl, Castlevania, and Agents of SHIELD.

My Master Fic List is here and still under construction.

Transformative Works Policy:
Blanket permission
for my works to be used for podfic, remixes, translations, inspired by, so forth. All I ask is you drop me a link when you post so I can tell you how awesome you are. 
"Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower, than curse the darkness."
GNU Terry Pratchett
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What I’m doing: Not much in all honestly.
What I’m reading:
  • The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch: I only ever seem to read The Rivers of London when I have access to a library. I’ve read the first five out of order and in and while I enjoy them immensely I never feel the need to go out and get the whole series the next day; the way I so often do.
  • What is Yours is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi: lots of lovely short stories all interconnected. When I got done I went and put her other book on hold immediately.
  • Started New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson but I’m only about 50 pages in so my opinions are pretty unformed.
  • This piece by Stephanie Beatriz about the B99 episode she directed. 
What I’m listening to:Harry Potter as narrated by Jim Dale. My family was just as potter mad as the rest of our generation so we all had two copies of each book, and the early books on tape and the later books on cd. I’m registering to the first two in preparation for a road trip with my sister.
What I’m watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and holy shit they just did that.
What I’m writing: Not as much as I’d like but I’ve written 300 words of birthday fic for [personal profile] bluewinged_songbird  and another 500 for the untitled leverage/aos xo
Mental Health Check: 3/10. Bad week, pile of stuff, and an absolute lack of time to myself is a v bad combination.
Final Notes: Here's eleven minutes of puppies being adorable. 
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What I’m doing: Getting back into running and thinking about renewing my Zombie’s Run subscription. I’d like to re-listen to the lot and it’ll be a lot easier if I was subscribed to it.
What I’m reading: The Queen of Attolia. A bunch of people have rec the series to me over the last year or so and I finally laid hands a copy.
What I’m listening to: Homecoming by Josh Ritter the third or fourth verse where the music changes and the rhyme scheme shifts just soothes out something scratchy in my head. It’s lovely.
What I’m watching: The Technique Critque playlist by wired. It’s mostly a lowkey salty dialect coach being lowkey salty about actors doing accents which is delightful. There’s also a lowkey salty surgeon episode and a lowkey salty hacker episode.
What I’m writing:
  • A ficlet about Brooklyn 99, a macguffin, a hipster dispute for the fandomweekly comm.
  • The leverage/aos crossover
Mental Health Check: 5/10, mood held, but my function is still not great. I’ve had a couple hours of hyperfocus I’ve abused to get stuff done but the rest of the time I’ve been running around in a fog, doing nothing.
Final Notes:I will not be content until you’re all crying over Kitbull. ‘Cause I’m still crying over it and Opportunity. 

WIP meme

Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:19 pm
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A couple of peeps in my f-list have been doing this one and it looks like fun. Drop one of these guys in a comment and I will respond, without editing:

  • FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
  • LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project
  • NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
  • [insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project
  • THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it
  • BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
  • POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

provided by [community profile] journalmemes.
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I've fallen into the sad youtube vortex; if somebody could kindly fish me out in an hour or so that be grrreat.

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Title: where the traveler never tires
Fandom: Discworld
Summary: Opportunity has been traveling for oh so very long now.
Notes: I needed something to cry about this week, and it turns out Opportunity was the perfect… opportunity for that. *badum ching*. I'll show myself out. Title from Thane's prayer in ME3. Written for [community profile] fandomweekly Travel Plans challenge.

EDIT: I got first place and a lovely banner!

First Place Winner of #007 Travel Plans Challenge.

Suggested listening for this is the Opportunity, Wake Up! playlist on spotify

You can read it on fandomweekly or AO3
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What I’m doing: Headed back to the states. Much sooner than I’d hoped but needs must.
What I’m reading:
  • Performative feminism and the cool guy  and ooh boy do I have Thoughts. There will probably be a rant about that sometime soon.
  • The Expanse series. I’m about halfway through Cibola Burn and I’m enjoying them pretty well? I’ve got a few stylistic bones to pick with the authors but other than that. Like, I actually could get behind Miller/Julie in Leviathan Wakes, possibly because I didn’t have the visual.
  • Alllllll of the short stories on this Hugo rec post from the [community profile] ladybusiness comm 
What I’m listening to: Sorority Noise’s You’re Not As __ As You Think. It’s good music to rage to and I needed to do a bit of raging this week.
What I’m watching: Brooklyn 99, of course. I also finished up this season of The Good Place and I love that Eleanor stepped into Michael’s role.
What I’m writing:
  • A ficlet about Opportunity, being late, and meeting discworld’s death for the [community profile] fandomweekly comm. I’ll post it here and on AO3 after the voting is done
  • The leverage/AoS crossover
  • road song
  • NOT history’s longest suicide note because brain bad, words hard. Even though the next chapter is ready to go. Even though I’m interested in where it’s going. Fuck executive dysfunction. It’s the Actual Worst.
Mental Health Check: 5/10 overall. Function has come up but mood has gone down.
Final Notes: One cannot fail to love a dragon.
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Shawn: I have successfully taunted Michael

Good!Janet: you fucked up a perfectly good demon is what you did. look at him. he's got anxiety.

whisper space )
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 I just realized that yesterday was St. Valentine's day and I saw no indications of that anywhere. It's fantastic and thank you internet!
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[personal profile] notasupervillain  was asking about technologies that led to social justice and [personal profile] cmcmck  offered the bicycle as an example which I +1’ed. That would have been the end of it except I was thinking about the Wizard of Oz for some reason and I couldn’t connect the thoughts but knew they were related.

Thanks adhd.

Thankfully, I put together this morning, and think it’s interesting enough to share. I think the Miss Gulch was put on a bicycle deliberately in the Kansas sequence as a visual shorthand for the sort of woman who rides a bicycle- nasty threatening spinsters. We see her on the bike before she ever opens her mouth and wonder if that was signaling to the (1930s) audience what sort of person she was supposed to be.

During the twister we see Miss Gulch transform into the witch of the west and the bike transform into a broom, which visually links the two. It makes some sense, both are means of transportation for independent women but guess I’m wondering if that coding was deliberate? Any thoughts?

bonus round )
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What I’m doing: Mentally screaming like a lot? My mood’s not terrible but I have a lot of little frustrations that are turning into a pile that’s crushing me. And that’s making my executive dysfunction go haywire.
What I’m reading: The Expanse books. They’re alright but I think the authors aren’t really willing to commit to third person limited and it’s irritating me. Hoping that gets better in the later books.
What I’m listening to: Rylan. Fav song? Top five at minimum.
What I’m watching: Movies with Mikey on youtube. They’re joyful, kinda flaily breakdowns of films and that’s delightful.
What I’m writing: NOPE.
Mental Health Check: 6/10 for mood but like a 2/10 for actual function.
Final Notes:
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What I’m doing: Finally got a call back from grandparents and am no longer in limbo hell. So there’s that I guess. Bad news but at least I know what’s expected of me now.
What I’m reading: Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik as well as the Every Heart a Doorway series by Seanan McGuire.
What I’m listening to: This American Life, Episode 664 where they argue passionately in defense of Libraries. So far my favorite story has been about a library that straddles the US-Canada where families can go to reunite.
What I’m watching:The puppy bowl! Aka the best part of super bowl Sunday 
What I’m writing:
  • The Discworld reading order guide now 3k and deteriorating into All the Tangents.
  • history’s longest suicide note 
  • The still untitled Leverage/AoS xo. 2k and now with Plot. 
Mental Health Check: 6/10. This is my average setting for mental health. If I can stay between 6 to 8, I’ll be happy.
Final Notes: puppy bowl!
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 It’s nearly time for the best part of Super Bowl Sunday the puppy bowl! Life is a-ok.
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I finished up all three seasons of The Expanse and I have Thoughts. So my dears buckle up for this load of nonsense. Spoilers for all three seasons, lots of opinions, told in no particular order.

Stuff I liked... )


Stuff I didn't like... )
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So [personal profile] staranise has a fabulous take on how to fix the princess bride which corresponded to a lot of my frustrations on Buttercups writing; though I tended to approach it from the other way round. I posted a short version of this in the comments on that post and went back and reread it this morning. Said, no wait I can do better, which is what I hope this post is.

I was always so frustrated with how flat Buttercup was but I approached it from the other way round. The Princess Bride is a pastiche of fairy tales, so my thought experiments in it have always leaned towards what if Buttercup was genre savvy? The world she lives in runs on fairy tale logic and Buttercup has always been good at identifying the stories she’s surrounding her. 

We could have examples of that- Buttercup refusing to go to the well on Wednesday because that’s when the old woman from the woods (a Good Neighbor) comes out and sits by it and Buttercup doesn’t have it in her to be polite to her. A boy from two farms over offers her the beans he got trading away the families last cow and she tells him to go home and plant them instead. A frog asks her for a kiss and she sends him over to poorest family in town, whose daughters are notably kind; next thing anybody knows they been whisked away by a prince in disguise whose fallen madly in love with the youngest. All of those would establish Buttercup as both competent, clever, and (relatively) kind. 

When she was young, Buttercup thought she knew what story she was living in. She and Wesley had True Love and he would go off and have adventures and come home wealthy and rescue her in some way and then they would live Happily Ever After. And then she gets the news and she realizes must have been wrong. Buttercup doesn't know what story she's living in, but she knows now it’s not a happy one. 

She emerges from her year of mourning the Most Beautiful Woman in the World and flattened by grief, chronically depressed, knowing that she will never love again. So when Prince Humperdinck rides up to her and orders her to marry him she says, "I will marry the man that brings me the head and the heart of the Dread Pirate Roberts and no other." Because being the Most Beautiful Woman in the World means she can say things like that and people will listen. Beautiful women handing out impossible quests for their hand is a staple of fairytales. She can act within the constraints of her role. 

Prince Humperdinck does not say, “as you wish,” but something about the way he nods his head in acquiescence drives her back inside for a week. 

Word of her proclamation spreads and wealthy men flock to her. They gift her with jewels and silk, dance attendance on her, brag of the ships they have hired to hunt down her pirate. She eats little and smiles less but the more men look upon her the further her challenge spreads. Buttercup becomes a wealthy woman on their gifts and that spreads her legend even further. The Most Beautiful Woman in the World has a certain amount of reach but a wealthy beautiful woman has even more.

And Buttercup is willing to use every inch of it. Grief makes her cold, and she knows what happens to women who don't marry their True Loves in this world. They are not the heroes of anyone's story. 

The Dread Pirate Roberts, on his new ship, notices an increase in people refusing to surrender. Eventually he starts asking why. 

The first man, a sailor in the prime of his life, tells him about a beautiful women and they say, you murdered her brother and she cannot eat or sleep while you still walk the earth.

The second, a noble, greedy and grasping. What’s does it matter, he says, she wants your head and your heart and will marry the man who brings it to her.

The third, a midshipman with stars in his eyes says, they say you murdered her One True Love and she’s sworn to never love again but she’ll marry the man who kills you. 

We can still have the kidnap plot, one of her suitors getting impatient maybe? Hell, it can even be the six fingered man so we can still get get Inigo Montoya and I want my father back. But this time when Roberts catches up to her, he says "I have brought you the head and the heart of the Dread Pirate Roberts. I believe you've made promises to that effect."

Buttercup doesn’t try to push him off a cliff, she tries to stab him. Then he reveals himself and it turns out Buttercup was right about the kind of story she was living in originally. It just took them more pain than was necessary to get there.

They don’t need to go on the run (unless they want to) because Wesley filled the terms of her challenge. They can retire on her money and live Happily Ever After. 

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What I’m doing: Watching the thunderstorms roll in off the ocean. I’ve always loved watching storms in flat places.
What I’m reading: Finished the Goblin Emperor which is just as good as I’ve been lead to believe, and read the Dark Artifices trilogy for the canon poly trio. It was pretty standard Cassandra Clare but I feel like her writing has improved since the last time I read anything of hers.
What I’m listening to: Studio Ghibli Jazz Covers which sounds absurd when I write it out like that but makes for excellent background noise. 
What I’m watching: The Expanse, now halfway through season 3 and oh boy do I have Thoughts. Gonna do a writeup sometime this week.
What I’m writing: 
  • A breakdown on reading order in Discworld. 1k and counting. 
  • Untitled Leverage/AoS xo where Hardison is Skye's foster brother. Set mid-season 2 for AoS. .5k and yet to develop an actual plot. 
  • history's longest suicide note. Edited chapters 4 & 5 and working on chapter 6
Mental Health Check: 5/10. Upward swing y'all. 
Final Notes: My power got knocked out for six hours yesterday and I lit candles around the apartment, drank a bottle of wine, and finished the Queen of Air and Darkness while listening to the wind whip across the windows. 

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I started The Expanse a while back but have been mainlining it today and it is basically made for me as a person and that's delightful.

There's space!creole! Political tensions! Morally ambiguous characters who are better than they seem! Crew as family! Chrisjen MF Avasarala! Unlike Firefly, it's actually diverse! They! Actually! Consider! How! Societies! Would! Develop! IN SPACE!

Disclaimer before I start complaining: I'm on S01E08 at the time of writing this. Two gripes, so far-

  1. I'd like it if the ladies had an expanded role. So far we've got three storylines - the cop on Ceres, the survivors of the Cant, and the UN officials on Earth. The cop's storyline has two types of wimmen, bosses and hookers and a potentially dead girl, and that's... frustrating. The survivors of the Cant has Naomi Nagata who is Badass Excellent but of the original five survivors we get one lady and a dead girl so Holden can have manpain.The UN officials on Earth? We get Chrisjen who is again Badass Excellent but she is the only woman in the upper echelons of the UN. There's ladies around in the background but no named female characters besides Chrisjen.
  2.  There's sound in space and I should really know to expect better by now but come on. In space no one can hear you scream is a meme for a reason.

Finally, I got a hold of all of the expanse novels and they're going on my to read list but I'm not going to start them until I get through the third season. Tell if they're any good?
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Title: history's longest suicide note
Chapter Link: Chapter Three
Fandom: Castlevania (Netflix 2017)
Pairings: Adrien Tepes | Alucard/Sypha Belnades/Trevor Belmont
Summary: It takes them a year to realize they're fucked.
Notes: So this is in response to episode 8, which never happened, Alucard, Sypha, and Trevor are in love and also the apocalypse is happening. Finally! Chapter 3 was delayed 'cause of mental health stuff and also 'cause I could not get the goddamn thing to settle. I edited it approximately eight million times, rewrote it start to finish twice, and still don't love it. It's terribly transitional. C'est la vie. I hope you guys like it.

I'm going to be posing every other wednesday from here on out, so Feb 6th for the next chapter.

Read it on AO3

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I put on leverage for background noise and now all I can think about is the fic where where Alec Hardison is Skye Daisy Johnson's foster brother and he taught her how to hack and they keep in touch through all the craziness that is their lives and when she gets powers, she runs to the pub for help and she and the leverage crew save the world through the power of cons and found family. 

This is going on the to write list.

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What I’m doing: Mostly hanging around in Playa waiting from a call from my grandparents before I make my next moves.
What I’m reading: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison! I finally laid hands on a copy and have been lying about in the sun, working through it.
What I’m listening to: Revisionist History and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me. More catching up here I've fallen behind a bit in my podcasts.
What I’m watching: A couple episodes of Leverage for background noise, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and Castlevania as I tried to work through the chapter that would not fucking settle.
What I’m writing:Mental Health Check: 4/10. Fixed my sleep schedule, left my apartment every day this week (counts even if one of those days was just for five minutes to pick up my laundry), and worked out twice, but had a very bad call with my grandparents and am now stuck in a holding pattern until I hear back from them. 
Final Notes: On the upward swing but here have a smol pupper having a bath and I hope it makes you happy
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Title: two young, savage things (barely worth remembering)
Fandom: Supergirl
Characters: Kara Danvers & Lex Luthor
Summary: Lex gets an answer to a question he's been very good about not asking. coda to more seats reserved for heroes
Notes: Currently 3rd in the dear forgiveness, series. title from damn these vampires by the mountain goats. As I've said before writing in order is for smucks. Still haven't the finished (or written) the bits where Kara makes friends with Lex or becomes a vigilante or sets up her fortress of solitude. But sure have this contextless bit of reveal. Which I actually wrote before more seats. Oops.

Read it on AO3


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